Suspense Genre

One of the toughest things for an author to do, after writing their book, is determine which genre that their finished product is to be placed into. It’s not as easy as it seems, particularly when your novels have so many conflicting elements.(See, Every Ounce You Got To Give, for an example of this literary headache)

I’ve found that the simplest way for me to determine my book’s genre was by identifying the emotions that my story aroused in the reader.

This is my personal breakdown:

Terror-Horror Novel
Sadness-Drama Novel
Anxiety-Thriller Novel
Confusion about things known-mystery Novel
Confusion about the unknown-Suspense Novel

So in that breakdown, I believe that we’ve identified the number one element of creating a good suspense story. Keep all pertinent facts under your vest, revealing them at key, climactic points throughout the book, inducing further confusion and anticipation amongst the readership. I aimed to demonstrate this in my newly-released suspense novel, This Can’t Be Us.

So that’s my personal breakdown of the suspense genre and how to identify it within your own context. I hope that this was of some assistance to you as you attempt to define your story for the book reviewers and literary critics. God speed to you my friends.


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