Is Urban Mainstream Fiction Under Assault?

Since the days of Ralph Ellison and James Baldwin, urban mainstream fiction has continued to sprout at a tremendous clip. Effectively introducing our culture and others to the plight of Black people all around America in a way that is both enlightening and racially-inclusive. But some advocates out there fear that we may be starting to lose our way in our literature.
“It’s as if everything is becoming commercialized. All about mindless entertainment,” explains Stephen J Browder, author of the new urban psych thriller novel, Every Ounce You Got To Give. “Entertaining people is the easy part. A monkey at your local zoo is capable of entertaining people if given a few bananas as motivation. But what separates the true literary talent from the imposter is the ability to leave the reader with something meaningful from our literature that they can take with them throughout life, while still keeping them enthralled in the story that is being told.”                                                                              Browder demonstrates his point in his new novel, Every Ounce You Got To Give, which is an intriguing tale about a master manipulator who preys on people, women in particular, who he feels that he can exploit and convince into performing self-defeating acts on his behalf. All in the name of loyalty and love.The story is filled with memorable characters and unexpected twists and turns, told primarily through the wicked eyes of the protagonist, Mr. Saint Matthews. This novel challenges conventional wisdom and introduces the world to a fresh, innovative voice in contemporary urban fiction that is unlike any that we’ve heard before.                                                                         Every Ounce You Got To Give can be ordered through Amazon Kindle at the amazingly low price of $2.99 for a book of this caliber. If you have Kindle Unlimited, you have an option to read the entire book for free. That’s right, for free. Mr. Browder will be running a special promotion from July 6-9 where the book will be marked down to just $0.99.He urges you to subscribe to his blog and become part of the community, where he also keeps eager customers abreast of all upcoming releases under the Heat Block umbrella. For more details visit


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