Heat Block Publications: Bringing something different to the table

Hi all. I’m Stephen Browder and I’m kicking this campaign off, hoping that you wonderful folks out there will come along for the journey with me. My aim is to produce high-quality works that will leave an impression on readers for years to come. Original plots, memorable characters, and compelling storylines will be the staple of this company and nothing else will suffice. I’m a hard critic myself so I have tough skin. All feedback is welcomed on this site, just as long as we’re keeping it clean.

Every Ounce That You Got To Give, which is my debut novel, will be available on Kindle On June 7th. Would appreciate your support and please, by all means, feel free to leave a review. Reviews go a long way, you know.

If you have any questions for me, you now, know where to reach me at. I would like to build a community here for true fiction lovers, where we can share insight and have positive dialog. Bouncing ideas off of each other like a game of dodge ball. Networking, uplifting, and just generally, enriching each other’s lives, whether it be through the fiction of the commentary that we host. It may be a lofty goal, but I’m going to be optimistic and assume that it’s an obtainable one. Until next time my friends, take care.


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